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Revelry on the Estuary illustrations available as cards and prints
“The troop of pipers performed their ballet in a tight drove first to the left as the wind gave a gentle puff, and then together as one to the right as a wave broke on the shore, and for the time being, Penelope obeyed Patricia’s orders.”  From “Penelope Piper’s Great Adventure”
“’Oh, my,’ she exclaimed.  ‘How very pretty you are.’  Penelope took a few more steps to stand just under the blossom.” From “Penelope Piper’s Great Adventure”
“Erwyn Eagle was thinking how wonderful the day was beginning with just wind enough to keep a body soaring and the sunlight dancing on the rippling waters below.   ‘What a gem of a spot to live,’ he thought.” From “The Interlopers”
“Maizie turned to flee, but she had waited too late!  The little creatures were upon her, and all in a panic, she forgot she knew how to fly!” From “The Interlopers”
“The threesome landed several meters from the shore just beyond a raft of ducks.” From “Trumpeters’ Tribulations”
“Leading a wedge of thirty two swans, Sylvester, along with his mate Cynthia, flew, exhausted, into the Comox Valley late on a bright winter afternoon.” From “Trumpeters’ Tribulations”
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