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   New Book - A Pirate's Life for Gabby
We care about the Comox Estuary and the community of birds who live in and visit this unique part of the world. We watch their antics and see them as characters populating this special little niche...and we have fun—fun watching, writing about, and painting these personalities. We try to capture this joy on the pages of our books and in our products.  
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"A Pirate's Life for Gabby" is the fifth book in the series "Revelry on the Estuary."
....What does it take for a seagull to become a pirate? A swashbuckling pirate movie, help from a friendly seal, a ship,and high jinks on the deep blue sea- these are what turn Gabby Gull and his seagull friends into pirates on the Courtenay Estuary.